In Life, Do What you Enjoy!

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Our Story


Thinking about Office Space in a New Light

In Life, Do What you Enjoy. 

When we started Station Loft Works in 2009, our vision was to develop spaces and services that significantly improved the day to day functioning of entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, attorneys, real estate agents, the gig economy independent contractors, and everyone else needing a community in which they could make a living doing what inspired them most.

Our idea was Not just for some, but For Everyone working toward their dreams.

Fostering productivity, collaboration and creativity under one roof! That is what we do.

Thinking about Office Space in a New Light. 

Our co-sharing office community is an environment where smart like-minded people can inspire one another to seek better and bigger dreams while building a brighter future.

We understand that creating something great for the benefit of everyone is what business is all about.

Our mission is to continually build a great environment where growing businesses can thrive.




More and more people are reimagining their lives, how they work and what they work on.
We create work spaces for entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses. From Boutique Law Firms, Accounting Firms, Real Estate Agents, Brokerage Firms, Insurance Agencies, Tech Companies, Startups, Construction Companies, Small business, Bloggers to Non-Profits. Station Loft Works makes it easy to join a community of like minded individuals. Our Shared Office Space options include a single desk in an open space (Hot Desks), dedicated desks, on-demand pay-as-you-go memberships and services, as well as private offices.
What kind of space do you need to work on your ideas, your products, your services, and turn them into a scalable business? 
Not only do you need great coffee, snacks, drinks, bottled water, and meetings spaces to impress your clients, but also a space where you can be around other goal oriented creators. You need a space in which to dig into the work that makes your life enjoyable.
How we work will determine the future of how we feel, how productive and ultimately, how successful we are. What kind of Co-Working Membership Do You Need?
For a busy professional who is looking for a place to work alongside other ambitious busy people, Station Loft Works provides the perfect alternative work space to a home office, a lonely uninspiring office space or café environment. It is in this chemistry, in this creative energy where great things happen!

Sharing Work Space Together

Station Loft Works offers entrepreneurs, small businesses, innovators, inventors, and creatives, just like you, a space to reimagine how you can work on your vision in a Shared Work Space. In a Shared Work Space, you will have access to perks otherwise not available to small businesses.
When you cowork, you only pay for what you need and only when you need it. The flexibility offered by coworking is unmatched. Not only does co-working get rid of large overheads such as utilities, internet, office maintenance and cleaning, coffee, printers, fax, and long term commercial leases, it also makes you part of a larger community.

Our Values


In Life, We Dedicate ourselves toward building our visions until they manifest into reality. We don't waiver.


In Life, We Persist our best visions.


In Life, We Focus our time, energy, and resources on the belief that it is our job to make a better world for everyone.


We are Students of Life.